Essential Settings for the Resource Overview

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To get a resource overview that reflects your working reality, you need to make the following InLoox account settings. You need administrator rights for this.

Define working hours and calendar in the InLoox account settings

In the settings under Organization >> Working hours >> Working hours, you must first define the number of working hours per day, e.g. specify the working day as 8 hours.

In the settings under Organization >> Working hours >> Calendars you need to add standard calendars 24/7 and standard with additional, individual calendars, if you need to map e.g. part-time employees or shift work. In addition, you should store non-working days in each calendar, e.g. days off that differ from general holidays.

General holidays can be imported via the InLoox API.

Read the help article on how to define working hours and calendars here.


Read and write permissions

The new permission Read workloads gives the person reading rights for the resource overview. This means that the person can see the workload, but can only see the task names if he or she also has at least read rights in the associated project.

In order for the workload to be calculated by InLoox, the tasks must contain planned efforts and a resource allocation. Therefore, it is important that persons responsible for effort estimation have the following rights either as Global permission, Role permission or Department permission:

  • Edit Project
  • Edit tasks

If the effort estimation is done through the task assignment of the task, then the person must be given the following permissions:

  • Edit Project
  • Edit planning

See the InLoox permissions help article for more details.


Link person to a calendar

In order for InLoox to know which working time calendar it should use to calculate the workload, each person must select the calendar that is appropriate for them. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Call up InLoox Web App and click on People in the menu on the left.
  2. Select your own contact entry and click on Attendances and Absences on the right.
  3. From the Calendar drop-down menu, select the calendar that suits you. If you cannot find it in the list, contact your InLoox administrator.
  4. Under Days off you can enter your vacation days. To do so, click New and enter the corresponding data.


Connect Outlook calendar

InLoox offers an extended integration with personal Outlook accounts for the resource overview. With the Microsoft 365 calendar synchronization, appointments from the personal Outlook calendar are taken into account for resource allocation and allow a realistic assessment of availability and utilization.

This feature requires linking the Office 365 account to InLoox - you can set this up quickly and easily in the InLoox settings.

  1. Call InLoox Web App, click on your profile picture in the bottom left corner and then on Account Settings.
  2. Click on Synchronisation on the left.
  3. For Microsoft Office 365 - Calendars, click the blue Connect button on the right and follow Microsoft's instructions.

Synchronisation with Microsoft Office 365 Calendars