Functions in advanced mode

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When you switch to Advanced mode, you can create and manage address books, as well as switch the view from map view to table view.


Working in the table view

Showing and hiding columns, grouping by columns and filtering column contents

Working in the table view

Your contacts are displayed in a table view by default. Thus, in Table View, similar to an Office list, you can show and hide columns, sort and filter column contents, and group the entire view by one or more columns. You can save compiled views as a template.

Showing and hiding columns, grouping by columns and filtering column contents

In the upper right corner, click the button with three vertically arranged dots and then click Select Columns to show the Columns menu.

Dropdown menu contact list

To add a column to the view, click the column in the menu and drag it to the desired location in the table. To remove a column from the view, show the Columns menu and drag the column you want to remove from the table back to the menu. The columns can be moved individually in the view so that you can compose a view that suits you.

select the columns to be shown in the contact list

Drag the column you want to group the tasks by into the area to the left above the table. You can also group by multiple columns. Now you can filter within this grouping and sort in ascending or descending order.

To display the filter options in the individual columns, click on the funnel icon. Now you can click on the magnifying glass in the respective column and select the filter criterion.

The headline of the contact list