Invite people to InLoox Web App

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You have various options how to invite people to InLoox:

Option 1: Click on your own profile picture in the lower left corner and click on Invite User.

Invite User to InLoox

A field opens up in which you enter the name and email address of your work colleague.

Invite user - enter name, email and role

Further you have to select a role. You can decide between:

  • Inherited by Role: Best for people who receive permissions according to their role in the projects (e.g. Manager, team member etc.)
  • Read all Projects: Best for people who need full access to analyze data, but do not need to update application settings
  • Full Permissions: Best for business owners and company administrators


Option 2: To invite work colleagues via the People section in the InLoox Web App, you first need to create a contact for them. Click the New contact button and store the appropriate data to do so. Once the contact is created, you just need to select it in the contact list. In the side panel that opens, click on Invite and select a role.

Invite an existing contact with no InLoox User Account

Thus, your work colleague will receive an email about the invitation with a corresponding link to accept it.


Option 3: A third option is to invite people directly in the project. When adding members to the project, simply click on the Invite button next to the person (given that there is already a contact for the person).

Projektmitglieder zu Projekt hinzuf├╝gen


Option 4: You can invite people directly in a specific task. Select the task for which the person to be invited should be responsible. Now click the Assign task to button. Instead of selecting a person as usual, select Invite colleagues via email from the drop-down menu at the bottom. Now enter the corresponding email address again to invite the person.

Invite a colleague by assigning a task to them

Tip: In order for the invited person to be able to work with InLoox Web App immediately, you have to grant him or her the corresponding permissions. To do so, go to Options-Permissions-User-based. Click next to the name of the invited person to set user-based permissions for this user in the drop-down menu. For example, to give this person the opportunity to get to know InLoox Web App in detail, give him all rights and additionally administrator rights.

A contact card is also created for the invited person at once, so that you can immediately assign tasks or project roles to this person.

Note: You can only invite as many people to your InLoox Web App account as you have purchased user licenses. If you have too few licenses to invite another person to InLoox Web App, the system will inform you when you try to invite them. If you want to give an already assigned user license to a new InLoox user, you first have to delete the existing user licensing in the Options-Licensing-User Licenses.

Note for test accounts: During the 30-day test, you can invite up to 9 further people to InLoox Web App.