Filter options

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In order to be able to edit the task list in a more targeted way and to better find your way through a large number of tasks, InLoox offers you various filter options.

When you move the cursor over a column heading in the task list, a small filter icon appears in the field. Click it to filter according to the respective category.

For example, if you want to see only your own tasks, click the filter icon in the Resource column heading. A box will open where you can put a check next to your name. You can also set several checkmarks at the same time. The filter will be applied to the project list accordingly.

To remove the filter, click again on the filter icon in the column header. In the window that opens, select Delete filter.


Analytical filter

In addition to the filtering options mentioned above, advanced filtering options are available via the analytical filter. The analytical filter can be found on the Start tab in the View section under Filter.