Release Notes InLoox 11.4

New Features & Improvements


Resource overview 2.0: Show workload more precisely using the outlook calendar synchronization 

InLoox 11.4 offers a variety of user-friendly optimizations in the area of resource allocation. In addition to increased flexibility in the views area, automatic layout saving and visualization of workload at the project level, synchronization with Microsoft 365 is a major new feature. Outlook calendar appointments from the whole team can now be taken into account in the workload, enabling even more accurate and realistic capacity planning.

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Ressourcen-Übersicht 2.0 in InLoox Web App
Automatically identify tasks from emails with InLoox AI


The future of project management is here: InLoox 11.4 with AI power!

InLoox 11.4 sets new standards, as we are proud to show you the first InLoox feature based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). For the first time, InLoox analyses emails and automatically generates tasks! With a simple click, you can open up a whole new world of productivity. Welcome to the future of project management, where AI makes your work easier!

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September 27, 2023 

Resource overview 2.0

UI improvements

Flexible view options & detail levels

In the resource overview navigation, we offer you different levels of detail: You can now choose between hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly views. Additionally, we've created flexibility by allowing you to customize the time span view according to your needs. Click on Choose date range and either select one of the predefined time periods on the left side, or individually select the dates in the calendar.  These options give you a customized perspective on your employees' workload. 

Choose date range flexibly in InLoox resource overview

Intelligent, automatic layout saving

InLoox 11.4 automatically saves your individual layout that you have previously been using. This means that columns you selected before and also the splitview settings are kept automatically. This is a great relief, as you no longer need to set the view manually each time.

Note The same applies to the finances - here the views are saved per budget type, so you don't have to adjust the layout every time.


Holistic workload view: Project level & Integration of Microsoft 365 calender data

The workload overview has been optimized to provide you with a clear overall picture. With the introduction of the project level, you get a clear display of projects and corresponding tasks. First, select a resource to see its assignment to different projects and the total utilization across all projects in percent. New is also the intuitive fill level indicator, which helps you see the level of utilization at a glance. If you are interested in detailed project information, you can further expand the projects and see the effort in hours for each task.

InLoox 11.4 further provides an extended integration with your Outlook account for the resource overview. With Microsoft 365 calendar synchronization, Oulook calendar appointments from the whole team can now also be considered for resource allocation and enable a realistic assessment of availability and utilization. The synchronized appointments are displayed in the resource overview in the "Outlook appointments" line. These only contain information about the start, end and therefore also the duration of the appointment. Other details such as subject and description of the appointment are not relevant in this case and are not displayed.

Note This feature requires a link between the Office 365 account of your organisation and InLoox - you can set this up quickly and easily in the InLoox settings for the resource overview.

Ebenen in der Ressourcen-Übersicht: Personen, Projekte, Aufgaben, Outlook-Termine

Ressourcen-Übersicht in InLoox Web App: Gesamtauslastung und deren Komponenten


Intelligent task management with Artificial Intelligence

By now, everyone knows that artificial intelligence (AI) is a real game changer. And of course, we don't stop at this groundbreaking innovation - and release the first feature that makes use of artificial intelligence in InLoox 11.4.

Specifically, InLoox is now able to intelligently analyze your emails and automatically generate tasks from them. Imagine you receive a handover email shortly before your team member goes on vacation, which contains a multitude of tasks. With just one click of a button, InLoox will analyze the content of the email (max. 2000 characters), extract the various instructions and generate concrete task suggestions. But that's not all - these suggestions also include an estimate of the effort, i.e. the time needed to complete each task. The suggested tasks can be seamlessly adopted and immediately integrated into your ongoing projects. This makes tedious manual task planning a thing of the past.

Automatically identify tasks from emails with InLoox AI

Of course, you are asking yourself the question of data protection.
We use the Azure Open AI service with data centers in the EU. This means that your data is processed in Europe, in compliance with strict European data protection regulations. In addition, we have a special supplemental agreement with Microsoft that ensures that the data you enter is neither recorded nor used for model training. Azure AI Studio only processes your data at the time of the request. This data is forgotten by the model immediately after processing, without being stored. So the model is not trained with InLoox data in any way and there is no permanent data flow of your customer data into this model.

Note Administrators can decide at any time for the entire account whether to allow AI assistance and adjust this in the privacy settings. In the standard setting, AI support is enabled by default.

Privacy settings on AI assistance

Note Currently, this feature is only available in InLoox Professional and InLoox Enterprise. If you are an InLoox On-Prem customer and are interested in this feature, please contact us personally.


Notify project roles in comments

In the new release of InLoox 11.4, you can find an extremely useful new feature: the ability to notify entire project roles in your comments. Previously, it was necessary to manually mark all relevant people if you wanted to share important information in a comment. Now you can target your project or task comments to specific project roles.

In a typical project, there are project managers, team members, and possibly customers or partners. You define these roles at the beginning when the project is set up. With the new feature, you can now effortlessly mention these roles in comments by simply linking @Team or @the appropriate role. This is an extremely handy addition that will make your project work even more efficient!

Tag project roles in comments


Improved performance of dashboards

Another improvement in the new release InLoox 11.4. concerns the dashboards, which have now been raised to a whole new level of speed, especially when dealing with large data sets. In certain scenarios, the speed of the dashboards has been increased by an impressive factor of 10, so that a significantly faster loading and response time can now be expected even for large data sets with project tasks.

In addition, the current user's private tasks are no longer displayed in the dashboards. Instead, only tasks that are subject to a project assignment will be included. This gives you a cleaned-up dashboard view that focuses exclusively on project-relevant data.


Enhanced functionalities in Gantt planning

New columns

In InLoox 11.4, we continue our continuous improvement of the Gantt chart and provide you with some new columns in this release to make your project planning and tracking even more effective.

  • Info: shows when an item is overdue (clock).
  • WBS code (Manual): displays the manually entered work breakdown structure code
  • Location: displays the manually entered location of a planning element
  • Done date: Indicates when the planning element was marked as done.

In our help article », you can find information on how to add columns to the planning list and get an overview of what each column means.


Display of critical path

From now on, it is also possible to display the critical path in the Gantt planning in InLoox Web App. You can do this by simply clicking on the three vertical dots on the far right, and then on "Critical path". The critical connections of the tasks are then highlighted in red.

Kritischer Pfad in der Gantt-Planung in InLoox Web App

More information can be found in our help article about the critical path » 


Improvements in time entries and time specifications

Move time entries between projects

Projects often evolve and changes are inevitable. For example, if large projects are subsequently split into multiple individual projects, you can now dynamically move the associated time entries between the different projects. Instead of time-consuming deletion and recreation processes for time entries that have to be assigned to sub-projects, you can now efficiently move the corresponding entries and thus react seamlessly to changes in the project structure. With this we fulfill a long mentioned customer request, which was mentioned via our idea platform.

Note Moving time entries between projects is only possible as long as the time entry in question has not yet been billed. Also make sure that the time entry to be moved does not contain any linked documents.

Entering start and end times

Another improvement, which was also often requested by InLoox users, concerns the entry of start and end times for tasks and time entries. From now on, the start and end time can be set beyond the other time without any conflicts. The respective other date automatically adjusts to the change. This makes planning and adjusting tasks and time entries much easier and makes InLoox even more user-friendly.


InLoox API examples for version 11

On Github, you can now find some examples of how to connect to the InLoox API which helps you understanding how to access the public InLoox API. The interface is based on the OData standard and applies to both InLoox Cloud Editions and InLoox OnPrem. Specifically, you will find the following information:

  • Simple examples for using the InLoox OData API for InLoox 11 based on .Net 6 with C#.
  • Login with Personal Access Token to the InLoox API
  • Nuget package for download with models for all relevant InLoox entities
  • Custom Fields connection for the entities Project, TaskItem and TimeEntry
  • Implementation of paging and filtering following the OData standard

InLoox 11 API examples

All information, links and downloads can be found here »