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What is Project Software?

Learn about the different types of project software and how software tools help you optimize you project management and support team collaboration.

What is Project Software?

Project software is more often referred to as project management software and is a programm that helps the user in planning and scheduling projects as well as resource allocation, document management and team collaboration. It helps project managers, team members and stakeholders alike to streamline their project management by facilitating cost control and budget management. Some project teams use project software for improving their collaboration and as a communication platform.

Different Types of Project Software Tools

There are a multitude of software tools in the market and depending on your project's complexity, goals and environment you should choose what best fits your specific needs. A very basic decision to be made is whether you want to work with an on-premise (that is locally installed) solution or whether you prefer a hosted (SaaS/cloud-based) software. What to consider when making that decision is the technological infrastructure you are working in, depending on your preferred work style the one may have advantages over the other in your specific case. 

Track Expenses and Revenues with InLoox PM Work Management Software

Efficient Work Management with InLoox PM Software

With InLoox PM you can easily highlight project calculations, costs and invoices as well as tracking these project items via your Outlook calendar appointments and task lists. The customizable authorization system ensures that only authorized InLoox PM users get access to sensitive information; team members only see budget positions that are relevant to their personal work orders and projects. InLoox PM also features a report designer that facilitates creating sales overviews, open billing lists as well as expense and revenue overviews in only a few clicks. InLoox PM is compatible with a variety of file formats like Microsoft Word and Excel, PDF and HTML.

Flexible and Transparent

One of the greatest strength of InLoox PM Work Management Software is the perfect integration into programs of the Microsoft Office Suite - Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word and Office 365. A key principle of InLoox PM is maintaining the balance between standardized structures that help increase efficient work management and flexibility that simplify everyday business processes. Establishing company wide standards for work management procedures in InLoox PM provides planning security for the entire enterprise without limiting the user to pre-defined business procedures. InLoox PM offers ideal solutions for single users that offers a full-featured online and offline operation mode.

Our software's report designer is very flexible, easy-to-use and navigate. InLoox PM comes with an extensive standard set of report templates that can be used right away and are easily customizable. This helps you create the business transparency that is crucial for your company's success.

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