Project Organization Tips for Students

by Aaron McCardell

Organization is not always an easy concept for kids to grasp. While it is not always easy for them to grasp, it is a necessary skill for students and one that should be taught early. Time management and proper organization skills are imperative when it comes to keeping track of school assignments. Disorganization can lead to lost assignments, missed deadlines, and other issues in school. While there is not necessarily one correct way to get organized, the following tips will help with organization and time management.

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Use a Planner

A planner will prove to be an indispensable tool when it comes to keeping track of school assignments. Not only will a planner help with keeping track of school assignments, it can also be used to keep track of sports obligations, doctor's appointments, and other school and social obligations. Many schools have planners available for purchase but if one is not available through the school, they can be purchased at a local store. While having a planner will help with time management and organization, it is important to keep the planner neat and well organized. This will allow you to easily see your assignments and schedule. There are a number of different types of planners available so make sure you choose one that suits your specific needs.

Use Folders

Especially for older students who are switching classes, keeping materials for each class organized together can be difficult. Make sure you do not just stuff papers in your textbook and instead use folders for each separate class so your materials can be easily located. It will help even further if you use different color folders that coordinate with the textbook for each class. This will make it even easier to grab the folder that you need prior to the start of class. Another option for keeping track of papers for each class is the use of a binder and separators.

Keep Your Locker Organized

You often don't have much time between classes and having to look through a bunch of old, unorganized papers in your locker can make you late. Make sure you keep your locker well organized so that all necessary materials can be easily grabbed for your class. It is just as important to also keep your backpack organized and in good shape. An organized backpack and locker can help greatly with time management.

Use Multiple Notebooks

Using one notebook for all of your classes can make organization near impossible. It makes more sense to use separate notebooks for each class. There will be less confusion as you will not have to differentiate notes from one class to the next. Just as with folders, get different color notebooks for each class and try to make them match the corresponding folder and textbook. Having a specific notebook for each class will be especially helpful when it comes time to study for an exam.

Create a Private Study Area At Home

It can be a major distraction to attempt studying at the kitchen table or even in your bedroom where it will be easy to flip on the television or play on the computer when you should be studying. Creating a private study area will allow you to better focus on assignments. This will not only cut down on the amount of time it will take to complete the assignments but will also ensure that you are giving your full attention to your schoolwork. It is important to keep your study space organized and clutter free.

Develop Good Habits Early

Developing good study and organization skills early on can really help you stay on top of your school work. Try to establish routines that will help you with your time management and organization. For instance, set a specific time for doing homework each day and stick to it. Keep your planner up to date and check it often to make sure you are not missing any assignments or important appointments. With a little bit of practice and planning, everyone can develop organizational and time management skills that will help not only in school but in life in general.

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