How Can Project Management Help You?

All about the benefits of project management and how it can help you increase work productivity.

At InLoox, we know that making the effort to carefully plan a project can save a company time and money once the project is in progress. Our Web-based project management software, in the form of InLoox PM, can help you to organize the numerous elements involved in either a large or small project. The following takes a look at a few of the many benefits of project management. Plus, find out how signing up for a free trial of our software can start you down the road toward project management success!

The Benefits of Project Management

One of the biggest benefits of efficient project management is that it helps to keep a project on schedule. Not surprisingly, missing deadlines or moving them back can cause a project to go over budget. Alternatively, efficient project management keeps each team member as well as the entire project on schedule. Another benefit of efficient project management relates to the distribution of individual tasks. When a project is well-managed, each task goes to someone with the skills to get it done right. All tasks are done in an efficient, timely way by the best people. This allows the entire project to move forward to its completion. When team members are confused about which tasks they are responsible for or how to get them done, it puts a project at risk for disaster. Efficient management is the way to avoid project disaster.

Project management can help you to take a broad look at the progression of a project. As a project manager, if you only get to see the individual parts of a project, it’s difficult to gauge whether real progress is being made. Also, project management can help you to hold individual team members accountable for their tasks. If you know who is working on what task, you have a clear idea of which team members are performing their work and which ones are lagging behind on the schedule. In addition, project management helps all of the team members to stay up to date on the overall progress. So how can project management help you? Everyone is able to stay on the same page until the project is complete.

Why Use Project Management Software?

As you might expect, we have a lot of answers to offer someone who asks, “Why use project management software?” All of the valuable features of InLoox PM tell the story. For example, Kanban view is a simple way to assign tasks to your team members and keep all of them organized. At a glance, you are able to see the name of a team member, the task they are working on, as well as the deadline for the task. Plus, you are able to communicate with the team member using current information about the status of their work. Purchase our project management software and you can utilize our budget timeline feature. This keeps a running total of a project’s costs as it moves toward its due date. Look at the online demo of our dashboard feature and learn how you can take a broad look at the status of your project. Some other useful features of InLoox software include project marketing for communicating with team members, a compact time-planning page, and our mind mapping feature for organizing as well as sparking new ideas for your project. Buy our InLoox software and you can utilize any or all of these features to serve the unique needs of your company. What makes our software even more valuable is that it integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server. This means that it’s easily accessible to company employees. We even designed an InLoox mobile app so you can check the progress of your project while on the go outside the office! Each feature of our software contributes to the efficiency of a project every step of the way.