How to Manage Multiple Projects Effectively

In many cases, large as well as small companies have several projects going on at the same time. Five projects may begin on the same day but end months apart. A few projects may involve a dozen team members, while others require a team of just four or five employees. If you’ve ever been put in charge of managing multiple projects, you understand how difficult it can be to juggle all of the deadlines, tasks, and budgets, as well as all of the other elements. Without the proper amount of organization, you may begin to mix the projects up in your mind. This can lead to delays and incomplete work. At InLoox, we recognize how complicated it can be to manage multiple projects. Our InLoox project management software is designed to help you organize multiple projects in a way that sets you up for success! Consider some simple tips on how to manage multiple projects, and take a look at some specific examples of how Web-based InLoox PM can help.

Tips on How to Manage Multiple Projects

When it comes to managing multiple projects, one of the most important things to do is to prioritize them. Look at the deadline of each project as well as the type and amount of work required for each one. This can help you to determine which project deserves the most attention right away and which ones can be put on hold for a while. Another helpful tip is to create a timeline that includes all of your projects. That way, you can clearly see the progress of each project. More importantly, you can see which projects are running on schedule as well as the ones that are experiencing setbacks. A timeline can also help you to determine whether it is necessary to re-prioritize your projects. Scheduling regular status reports with team members is one of the best tips for someone who is managing multiple projects. By scheduling regular status reports, a project leader can find out if each team member is completing their tasks. If a team member is having trouble completing tasks, a project leader can intervene and figure out how to help the situation. Other valuable tips that can help with multiple project management include taking the time to re-prioritize projects if or when it becomes necessary, adding more members to a team if a project expands, and ensuring that all team members are aware of the goals of a project.

How InLoox Can Help You Manage Multiple Projects

Several of the features of InLoox can be especially helpful for multiple project management. For example, the project list is ideal for keeping track of projects that are in the works as well as others that are complete. Watch an online demo and find out how this list organizes all of the pertinent information, such as the names of clients as well as the start and finish dates of projects. There is even a time warning feature on the project list that lets you know when a deadline is fast approaching! With this particular feature, a project leader is free to think about fresh ideas for projects instead of trying to remember various deadlines. History view is another feature to take advantage of when you purchase InLoox. This feature allows you to view the adjustments and big changes in projects. Buy our software and enjoy other features, such as the budget timeline to keep track of the expenses of your projects, Kanban view to keep track of your team members, and the dashboard to get a broad view of a project’s status. InLoox software is an effective tool for companies because it integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server. This makes the software easy to use and accessible to team members. Also, take a look at our InLoox Web App. This app makes it easy to keep an eye on all of your projects while you’re on the go. Sign up for a free trial of InLoox and let us help you take some of the stress out of managing multiple projects!