Project Planning Process

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The project planning process is the main tool used to ensure that tasks are completed in timely manner. A project may best be defined as a venture taken to ensure that a deliverable is completed within a specific timeframe and that certain criteria or objectives are met. In order to make certain that a project has the best chance of success and risk of failure has been minimized, a plan is devised to determine the most effective strategy for completion. Simply put, project planning involves the processes used to ensure that tasks are completed in an efficient manner. Those in positions of leadership often need to understand various project planning process steps and tools in order to facilitate communication between team members and ensure that all responsibilities are handled.

Project planning involves a series of four steps or phases that help ensure that tasks are completed and the intended goal is reached. Projects are unique and vary, and there are no identical methods used when executing a plan. While the main steps of each project management planning process are similar, the way they are executed may differ. The four panning steps or phases are as follows: project initiation, project planning, project execution, and project closure.

The project initiation phase begins with an overview of the intended objective or goal to be completed. The next phase, the project plan process, helps ensure that your objectives move from a thought or idea to tangible form. Once a project’s objectives and goals have been clearly defined, steps are then initiated to bring the project to the execution stage. After the project has been executed, tested, and delivered, the project is closed. The four stages complete what is referred to as the project management lifecycle process.

The project management planning process must complete specified tasks, objectives, and goals in order to be a success. During the initiation stage, the main problem or task must be identified and explained. All possible solutions should be considered and possible risks identified and addressed. This is the best way to determine possible strategies that would contribute to the project plan. Once the initial idea is settled upon, a project team is assembled and tools needed for the project’s completion are selected. A successful project will include a resource plan that ensures that all resources needed to fulfill the plan are subsidized and accounted for. Resources, itemizations, budgets, and financial data all contribute to the resource plan. In addition to resource lists, budgets, and financial information, a well-developed project plan also includes a detailed timeline or schedule. It is imperative that a project plan has a project start and end date, with adequate time allotted throughout the project to ensure its completion.

When devising a project plan, it’s important to utilize software that will help facilitate communication between team members, keep track of schedules, and provide important financial information. Project management software needs to be simple to use and easy to access and provide solutions for common problems. InLoox provides real answers to situations that can sidetrack a project’s progress and derail completion. Available online with Web-based applications, installed locally on your home or work computer, or accessible through mobile apps, InLoox PM software is the perfect way to keep projects up to date and on track.

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