Mind Maps

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Visually collect and organize your ideas in mind maps with so called nodes.

Thereby you get an overview over all ideas, concepts and drafts.

When creating a mind map we differentiate between two approaches:

  • Plan-based approach: The main nodes of the mind map correspond with the project phases (Top-Down).
  • Task-based approach: The main nodes of the mind map correspond with the tasks of the project (Bottom-Up).


Create a mind map

To create a mind map, proceed as follows.

1. open an existing project or create a new one.

2. To create a new mind map, click on the Mind Maps tab. Then click on the blue button New Mind Map.

Neue Mindmap erstellen

3. By default, your mind map has the same name as the project itself. You can change the name by clicking the three vertical dots on the right and then clicking Rename Mind Map.

Mindmap umbenennen

4. The main node is automatically located in the center of a new mind map. By default, this also corresponds to the name of the project. You can change this by double-clicking.

5. Now create a sub-node. To do this, click on the plus under the main node.

Neuen Knoten erstellen

6. By default, the new node is created as a child node of the node selected in the mind map. Name the node and press Enter or click somewhere outside the node.

Neuer Knoten in Mindmap

7. Now create as many nodes as you like. By right-clicking on a node, you also have the option of adding parent or neighbor nodes.

Knoten hinzufügen - Weitere Auswählmöglichkeiten

8. Give the mind map a colorful look by changing the background or font color of your nodes. Simply select the corresponding node and choose the color of your choice in the edit field on the right. Here you can also adjust the font size.

Mindmap - Knoten formatieren

This is what your mind map might look like in the end:

Mindmap in InLoox Web App