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InLoox reports help you to prepare project information from InLoox in a structured way and export it for people who do not use InLoox themselves.
You have two options:

  1. You can customize the standard reports included .
  2. You can use the InLoox Report Designer to create your own customized project reports.

Where to find he reports: Open InLoox Web App and select Reports in the menu on the left.

Reports in InLoox Web App


Standard reports

To create a standard report, click on the blue button New report.

Neuen Standardbericht erstellen

First select a layout from our report templates. You can choose between:

  • Document list: Overview of the documents stored in the project
  • Memo: Note with key data about the project
  • Planning overview: Overview of the project plan without displaying the Gantt chart
  • Project start: Memo at the start of the project with all key project data
  • Project status: Interim report on the project status
  • Project completion: Final notification on the project
  • Revenue list: Overview of sales in the project
  • Time recording: Overview of the time tracking entries for a project

Bericht erstellen - Layout auswählen

You can then set restrictions in the other tabs (Projects, Tasks, Planning, Time, Budgets) and include/exclude certain criteria.

Example: You do not want to create the report for all projects, but for a specific project. Therefore, enter the corresponding project name under Project name must contain.

Bericht erstellen - Projektname eintragen

Once you have made these adjustments, click on the Create Report button. Depending on the scope, it may take some time until the report is ready. You will therefore receive an email as soon as the report is available and you can call it up in the list.


Individual Reports with the Report Designer

Click on the Layout Designer button at the top.

InLoox Berichte: Layout Designer öffnen

You then have a wide range of options for configuring your reports exactly as you want them.

Bericht Designer in InLoox Web App

User interface of the report designer:

  • At the top you will find general commands such as cut, copy, delete, undo and redo as well as the option to reduce/enlarge.
  • Within the Report Designer, you can call up a menu via the three horizontal bars at the top left and perform organizational tasks such as creating new reports, opening, saving and closing the Designer. You will also find the report wizard here. This supports you step by step - from selecting the report type from various templates to placing individual fields.
  • You will find the report itself in the middle. It consists of so-called bands. Add report elements such as text, images, tables and diagrams from the left-hand side using drag and drop to design the content of your report. Edit the overall structure, layout and individual elements of your report using the properties on the right-hand side. Customize styles and names and store data.

Further support: As the functionalities of the Report Designer are very extensive and sometimes complex, we recommend our associated training course (available both as a classroom workshop and as online workshop). There you will learn how to tailor dashboards and reports effectively and efficiently to the needs of your company.