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Use e-mails in InLoox for Outlook

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Use e-mails in InLoox for Outlook

InLoox allows you to assign e-mails to the document section of a project in a fast and easy way. InLoox displays a symbol if an e-mail has already been added to a project.

This is how you can assign e-mails to a project:

  1. Open an e-mail from your Outlook inbox or any other Outlook e-mail folder.
  2. In the Ribbon on the Home tab click on the Save Email button.
  3. Now you can select the project where you want to file the e-mail. You can choose between the projects that you have last opened or you can select any project from the project list. You have several options how to proceed with the e-mail:
    Besides that, you can save the e-mail in a subfolder of your project. If there is no suitable subfolder for the e-mail yet, you can create a new subfolder directly in the dialog. You can also assign a status to the e-mail. Furthermore, you can leave a note for other team members and create a link to a project element in the mind maps, tasks, planning or time tracking section.

    Add an e-mail to a project

  4. After that, the e-mail will indicate to which project it has been assigned. 

    Note about saved e-mail

TIP If the assigned email was addressed to several recipients, each of them sees to which project this email has been assigned. This prevents duplicating the email as a project-document. For this to work, the recipients have to be working on the same InLoox database. 



Pros & cons

Element with attachment

InLoox PM assigns the email and the attachment in file form to a project. (Outlook does the same).

Email and attachment are stored together.

The document list shows whether the element is carrying an attachment but no details of the attachment, such as name or type.

Element without attachment

InLoox assigns only the email to the project. All attachments will be removed.

 Saves storage space.

Attachments can neither be displayed nor saved in InLoox PM.

Attachment only

InLoox PM assigns only the attachment to the project. The email is discarded.

 Removes superfluous correspondence.

Correspondence (including notes) can neither be read nor saved in InLoox PM.

Element and attachment separately

InLoox PM assigns the email and attachment to the project separately

 Correspondence is kept. Attachments can be seen in the document list with name and type.

Relationship between correspondence and attachments is lost.