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Copy a Mind Map to the project plan

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The mind map data can be copied to the planning. Each node will be an activity in the planning.

For more information on how to create a mind map, see Create a mind map.

  1. On the page  Mind Maps, in the Edit tab, in the Mind Map group, click Copy To Planning.
  2. In the Copy Mind Map dialog box, in the Copy Mind Map to planning area, do one of the following:

    Copy to planning

    • Define the start date time for the project planning.
    • Define the duration for each activity.
  3. In the Copy Mind Map dialog box, in the Resource's details area, perform one of the following actions:
    This area is displayed, when you have assigned resources to the mind map. For more information on how to assign the work packages, see Add resources to the node.
    • Choose one of the notification types in the Notification drop-down list.

      For more information about the different notification types, see Add resources.

    • Define the work amount for the resources. The workload can be allocated as follows: 
      •  Workload is applied for each resources  All resources will have a capacity utilization of 100 percent.
      •  Workload is equally split to all resources The total workload will be distributed equally to each resource.
  4.  Click OK.