Selected mind map features

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Open a project and click on Mind Maps on the Start tab to open the Mind Map page.

InLoox offers you various features for creating and designing mind maps:


Features on the Edit tab

Mindmaps - Edit tab

  • Reset Node: Remove a node after drag-and-drop to its initial location.
  • Progress: Express the progress of a selected node as a percentage.
  • Flag: Highlight a selected node with a colored flag.
  • Create Tasks: Create tasks from either All Nodes, End Nodes, or Selected Nodes.

TIP For more information on how to copy a mind map to the planning see Copy mind map to the planning. For further information on how to create tasks in a mind map see Create tasks from a mind map.


Features on the Format tab

Mindmaps - Format tab

The Format tab allows you to customize font, background and frame color of selected nodes.

Additionally, you can use further helpful features:

  • Apply Format to Child Nodes: Apply the format of a selected main node to its child nodes.
  • Icons: Highlight selected nodes with symbols.
  • From File & Remove: Add or delete a picture to/from a node.