Copy mindmap to the planning

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You can copy the structure of a mind map to the planning. Thereby each node will be transformed into an activity in the planning. This procedure is most suitable when you have created the mind map following the plan-based approach. Which means that the nodes of your mind map correspond to the project phases (Top-Down).

For more information on the plan-based approach see: How to create a plan-based Mind Map


Proceed as follows:

1. Open an existing project or create a new one.

2. To open an existing mind map click on Mind Maps on the Start tab.

3. Click on Copy to Planning on the Edit tab.

Copy nodes of a mindmap in the project planning

A new dialog box will open. 

Copy mindmap to planning - start and duration

  • Start: Choose between Automatic calculation and Manual calculation to define the start date for the planning. For the manual calculation enter an individual start date.
  • Duration: Additionally, you can define the duration for each activity by using work days, hours and minutes. In general, the duration of activities that have been copied from a mind map is the same. You can customize the duration of activities in the planning.

4. Click on OK and the planning will open. Each node of the mind map is displayed as an activity.

Tip For more information on planning see: Project planning