Potential performance issues with Cached Exchange Mode disabled

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Outlook may react slowly in combination with the InLoox add-in. This can happen particularly frequently if the Cached Exchange Mode is not enabled in Outlook. These performance problems may be recognized as follows:

  • Outlook starts slowly
  • Switching between individual views/folders is very slow
  • Outlook reports "no response" after various actions in InLoox (e.g. saving a project, saving an e-mail)

To avoid these problems, we recommend that you enable the Cached Exchange Mode in Outlook. Please follow the following steps:

1. Click on File >> in the Info area: Account Information >> Account Information


2. The window for the Account Settings will open. Click on Change in the Email tab.   


3. The window for the Exchange Account Settings will open. 

  • Enable the Cached Exchange Mode. 
  • A setting of 3 days is enough here - if necessary the setting can be increased at any time. This setting will increase the performance when searching in your emails, for example.

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