Adjust the contact view

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The contact view provides you with the overview about all existing address books and their contacts.

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Work with the contact list

  1. Click the Contacts in the lower left corner of the Projects page that is also a home page.

  2. Do one of the following:
    • Create a new contact  In the Common group, click New.

      • For more information, see Add a contact.
      • Send an email message to the contact. Click his email address in the contact view. For more information on the email see Select project team members, in a Send an email message section.
    • Edit a contact  Choose a contact from the list and click Edit in the Common group.
    • Delete a contact  Remove one contact by clicking Delete in the Common group.
    • Open an address book  In the Address book group, click Address book and choose from the drop-down list the address book you want. 
    • Manage an address book  In the Address book group, click Manage.

      For more information on how to create or edit an address book, see Add, manage and delete an address book.

    • Refresh  By clicking the Refresh button in the View group, all changes are updated and the view is reloaded.
    • Search for the contacts by using a filter  In the View group, click Filter to quickly find the needed contact. 

      For more information on how to use the filter feature, see Search and find projects, in the Use filters section.
      Now you see the contacts, which correspond to the defined criteria.

    • Add additional information to the contact view  Click Choose fields in the View group to sort and organize the contacts by selected data.
      • On the Choose Fields dialog box, click one field, e.g. Location, and drag it into the column headers.
      • Reset the fields via Drag and Drop back into the dialog box.
    • Open InLoox PM options  Click Options in the InLoox PM Options group. Here you can change the basic settings for InLoox PM.

Features in the contact list

The following features can be found in the contact list:

Features in the context menu

The context menu provides you with almost all basic features that can also be found on the InLoox PM Web App Ribbon, such as Edit, New, Delete and Refresh. It also provides features such as Expand or Collapse all groups (is only for grouping), Filter and Choose Fields to adjust the view. Right-click the list to open the context menu.