View tasks of multiple employees

Status quo in projects

Customer inquiry about project status

Personal, cross-project view of all tasks

View tasks of multiple employees

To view all tasks of multiple employees in the table, first group by contact and filter by employee X, employee Y and employee Z.

choose the responsible employees from the dropdown-menu

The table view now shows you all tasks (project-specific as well as personal) of these employees. Show the status column for the tasks to additionally see which tasks are Not Started, In Progress or Completed. In addition, show the columns Project name and End date to see in which projects delays are to be expected if tasks are not completed in time.

Status Quo in Projects

If you want to see an overview of the status quo at the task level in several projects, drag the Project Name column to the top. Now you can see the task list grouped by project name. Now show the column Task End and sort here e.g. ascending to see what should be finished soon. In addition, you show the column Planning end to see when the planning element to which the task is assigned is due. This way you can identify possible risks of a time delay at an early stage.

Customer inquiry about the project status

Grouping by customer and project name is handy to see at a glance which projects are currently being implemented for which customer. To do this, drag the First Customer and Project Name columns to the top. Also show the Project Manager column to see who is responsible for each customer project and the Status column to see which tasks have already been completed or what is currently being worked on by whom. The columns Task End and Planning End are helpful to see what could possibly become critical.

Personal, cross-project view of all tasks

If you work in many different projects, it is useful to save a personal table view as a template. To do this, first group by project name and then filter by your name in the Contact column. Now you can also show the columns Task End and Planning End and sort them in ascending order to see what needs to be done most urgently to meet the due date of the planning element. Save the view by clicking on the button with the three vertically arranged dots in the upper right corner and then on Save as new view in the drop-down menu, give the view a name, e.g. Task list - personal view, and click on Save.

The Dropdown-Menu in the task section

Give the view an appropriate name