Work offline with InLoox 9 for Outlook

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With InLoox PM Workgroup Server and Enterprise Server, users work directly on a database server. You can, however, configure individual workstations to use InLoox PM when it is disconnected from the network. When reconnecting with the company network, an automatic synchronization is carried out.

Not all database systems support offline availability or replication. InLoox PM offers the data structures that are needed for synchronization and replication, but uses the synchronization features of the database system. In certain circumstances, you might need to change the database system or the related software to take advantage of offline availability. Check the documentation of your database system regarding offline availability and replication.

You find step-by-step guides about InLoox PM configuration for offline availability in the Download section of the InLoox website.

In case of problems, please contact our installation support. For the contact information see Request support for the InLoox PM installation.