Multi-project management with InLoox PM 8

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InLoox PM 8 allows you to share the information between different projects in a very simple way. Your multiple project management is thus much more effective. Insert the individual projects with the planning, so called the collection of projects, into a single one to organize them easier. You can view all the information from the inserted projects and analyze how it affects the whole multiple project management. Each new project that you add to the project group will be called subproject.

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Insertion of projects to the collection of the projects

  1. Create a new project or open an existing one to add a new project group.

    For more information on how to create a project see Create a project.

  2. In the project, on the Start tab, in the Section group, click Planning.
  3. On the Settings tab, in the Settings group click Project Group.
  4. On the side panel Project Group all projects are displayed that you can add to the group. Select one from the list.
  5. Click Add Selected Project, in the Action group, on the Project Group tab.
  6. As an alternative, you can click the plus sign next to the subprojects. Use also Drag&Drop to drag a project to the area below.

    A project can be assigned only to one group.

  7. Now you can see the added project with its own color in the new project group.

    • Find quickly the certain project via search feature. Enter the name in the Search projects....
    • Due to the colors you can distinguish different projects in the Gantt chart. Change the color by clicking the color symbol next to the project on the side panel.
    • You can delete each project from the group by clicking remove symbol .
  8. Use the following features to edit the project group, in the New Project Group area, on the side panel:
    • Rename project group  Assign a name by clicking Rename Project Group, in the Action group, on the Project Group tab.
    • Delete a project from the group  If you want to remove unwished project from the group, click Remove Selected Project, in the Action group, on the Project Group tab.
    • Close the side panel  To hide the side panel click Close Project Group Area, in the Action group, on the Project Group tab

Work with the project group in the Gantt chart

All subprojects that were inserted to the project group will be displayed as a summary task with its own color in the Gantt chart. The subproject will be subordinated in the activity list. You can change its position by clicking arrows Move up or down, in the Action group, on the Project group tab. These features can also be fined on the side panel next, in the Project group area. as a subproject is a summary activity in the chart you are not able to edit or dissolve it. You can expand the outline to show all planning elements from the subproject. You can edit or format each element from the outline. Link the planning elements from the different projects together.

Any editing or formatting made in the colletion of the projects to the subproject will be displayed in the subproject's source. The editing or formatting information you have applied in the subproject's source will be updated in the colletion of the projects.

If the user is authorized to read a project or a planning, he can view only the start and end date of the projects in the project group.

Create an overview of the project group

  1. On the Outlook Ribbon, on the Start tab, in the InLoox PM group click Projects.

    In Outlook 2003/2007, click InLoox PM Folder in the InLoox PM Toolbar.

  2. In the project list, click on the column headers.
  3. In the context menu click Choose Fields.
  4. On the Choose Fields dialog box, click PROJECT GROUP field.
  5. Drag this field into the area above the column headers.
    The project list will be grouped by the selected criterion. Reset the grouping via Drag and Drop into the project list.
    The important information as the group project name and the number of the projects will be displayed.
  6. Reset the fields via Drag&Drop back into the dialog box.