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You can organize and structure the existing planning by using summary activities. A summary activity summarizes several related single activities to a superordinated activity. This leads to a clearly structured project plan.

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Create a summary activity

To create a summary activity proceed as follows.

  1. Open an existing project or create a new one.

    For more information on how to create a project see Create a project.

  2. In the project, on the Start tab, in the Section group, click Planning. 
  3. Select the activities and milestones that you want to subordinate and click Group  in the Grouping group.

    For more information on how to create a planning, see Create and edit an activity and Create and edit a milestone.
     InLoox PM changes the activity above to a summary activity.

Edit a summary activity

To edit a summary activity proceed as follows:

  1. Right-click on the selected activity and click Edit in the context menu. For more information on how to create a project see Create a project.
  2. In the side panel, on the Edit tab, you can adjust the summary activity to your requirements:

    • General information on the summary activity in the Basic information area
      1. In the Name box, type a name.
      2. In the Description field enter some important information on the summary activity, e.g. the targeted deliverables or internal remarks.
         InLoox PM provides you with a range of formatting features. For the detailed description, see Create and change comments in the Customize comments section.
    • Defining work calendar to the summary activity in the Time frame area
      1. Select Standard as a calendar or choose a user-defined working time calendar from the list in the Calendar box.
         For more information on how to set a working time calendar, see Create a working time calendar.
    • Processing status of the summary activity in the Status area
      • Define the progress or activate the done check box to display the processing status of the summary activity.
    • More information on the summary activity on the Advanced area
      1. In the Location field, enter a location.
      2. In the WBS code box, enter a work breakdown structure code to identify activities and milestones in large projects. In this case you can define the subsumption.
      3. You can use the field with the automatic WBS code in the project list.
    • Add a document to the summary activity
      1. Click New link... to add the document.
      2. In the Select Entry dialog box select one document from the list and click OK.

         All displayed documents in the dialog box are saved on the Documents page. For more information on how to add the document to the project, see Create and edit a document.

      3. The added document ist displayed in the Document area on the side panel. Click it to open this document. Click Delete symbol to remove it.
    • Sending a notification to a resource

       All added resources receive automaticallly notifications about new, edit or deleted summary activity.
       In the area Notifications, you can inform other resources,e.g. project planner, about a summary activity and about the changes in them.

      • Click the command  to add resources.
      • In the Select Conact dialog box click on the name and then click Select and OK.
      • The notification will be send on the selected resource as an email, when sie save and close the project.

      The email notification set by default. The message contains the following planning data:

        • The name of the summary activity
        • Project name and number (in the subject)
        • Description
        • Duration.

           For more information on how to edit the notification type, see Customize a notification template.