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You can find more views of the project list in the tree structure on the left part of the window. All these views are also integrated in the Outlook tree structure under Projects and are always available for you.

You can find the description of the favorite and archive views in General features of the project list.

The following topics are available.

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InLoox PM provides you with the timeline view to get an overview of the temporal distribution of your projects.

This article shows you how to adjust the timeline view.

Perform one or more of the following actions:

  1. Create a new project  Click New Project in the New group.
  2. Open a project  Click Open project in the InLoox PM group.
  3. Copy and paste a project  These buttons can be found in the Actions group . The Copy and Paste features help to create projects quickly. You can modify them afterwards.
  4. Delete project  Remove a project by clicking the Delete button.
    For more information, see Copy and delete projects.
  5. Print a timeline view  In the Current View group, click Printto start the quick print feature of the timeline view.

    For more information about printing, see Print the project list.

  6. Refresh  Via the Refresh button in the Current View group all changes will be updated and the view reloaded.
  7. Adjust the timeline view  In the Timeline Details group you will find the following features:
    • Today  Switches to current date.
    • Zoom in or zoom out  Enlarge or reduce the time period of the timeline.

Features in the context menu

The context menu provides you with almost all basic features that can also be found on the InLoox PM Ribbon, such as New Project...OpenDelete ProjectRefreshCopy and Paste. It has also provides the features Zoom in or zoom out, Today. Right-click in the timeline to open the context menu.

Project request

Now, team members can submit project requests and have them approved by their supervisor.

To learn how to add a project request, see Create a project request.

Do one or more of the following:

 You can find the description of almost all features in General features of the project list


The features of this view are following:

Find more information in Copy and delete projects.