How to add and edit a to-do list item | InLoox PM 8

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Add new entries to complete the list.

 To learn more about the new list, see Create a new list.

Do the following:

  1. In the project, on the Start tab, click List.
  2. In the lower area you can see now a new entry with two fields Done and Description.

    To learn more about fields, see Create a new list.

  3. You can activate the Done field.
  4. In the Description field enter some important information, e.g. the targeted deliverables or internal remarks.

    • InLoox PM provides you with a range of formatting features. For the detailed description, see Create and change comments in the Customize comments section.
    • Use the filter feature to quickly reach the needed data from each column. For more information, see Search and filter in a project.