How to filter report data

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For each report type you can choose, which data you want to include in the report. In addition to real-time filtering in reports, InLoox offers dynamic filtering of the most important project data.

For global reports you can select, which projects you want to include in the report (= Project Filter). Whereas in project-related reports you have already chosen a specific project by opening it.

The following filters can be used for both report types – global reports as well as project-related reports:

After both procedures a new window (the report dialog) will open. There you can adjust the filter settings.


Overview to available filters

Task filter

In the report dialog open the Tasks tab.  

Task filter

You can include all tasks of the project(s) in you report or select:

Furthermore, you can combine those task filters. 


Planning filter

If you want to create a report regarding you project planning, you either include all planning elements (summary activities, activities, milestones) or just selected elements.

Open the Planning tab in the report dialog, to adjust the planning filter:

Planning filter

 Additionally you can limit the data by setting a date.


Time filter

If you are including time tracking entries to your report, you can decide whether to use all entries or you can filter them. 

Time filter

To set the Time filter, open the Time tab in the report dialog:

Furthermore, you can combine those time filters. 


Budget filter

For budget-related reports InLoox offers highly selection settings. You can choose either all budgets of the selected project(s) or define one or more budget filters. Therefore, open the Budgets tab in the report dialog. The following filter options are available: 

Budget filter

You can choose between different budget elements for your report:

In addition, InLoox provides you with the following filter options: