Create, edit and delete InLoox contacts

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Create a new contact

By using the InLoox contact management tool you can manage important contact information of customers, partners, colleagues etc.

To create a new contact proceed as follows:

1. Click on the People icon in the InLoox PM or InLoox now ribbon. Afterwards, choose an address book in the tree structure on the left below People. (If you haven’t created an address book yet, you can use the “InLoox Address List” address book.)

InLoox people in the ribbon

2. Click on New Contact on the Start tab. 

Create a new contact

3. A new window will open. Here you can enter all important contact information: 

Create a new contact


4. When you are finished, click on Save and Close in the Contact tab. The contact is added to your address book and appears in the contact overview. 


Edit a contact

To edit a contact double-click on the contact in the address book. A new window will open and you can edit all contact details. When you are finished, click on Save and Close


Delete a contact

To delete a contact you have to options: