How to organize the view and use filters

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The Start tab provides you with several features to further structure and filter the project history. 

How to organize the view and use filters

Define a period of time

Define the period of time for that you want to see the changes. Therefore you can choose between today, yesterday, day before yesterday and custom.

Display changes of selected project elements

By using the blue buttons you can filter the changes by specific project elements like Management, Planning, Time, Documents or Budget. This is very useful, when you only want to see changes of a specific area of all projects. You can combine several project elements. If a button is blue, the respective project element is selected and all changes of that area are viewed in the history. In the screenshot: All changes of all project elements are viewed, as all buttons are selected and blue.

Project Filter

You can use the project filter to limit the history to the changes of a specific project. Additionally, you can combine the project filter with the display of selected project elements and the contact filter.

Contact Filter

You can use the contact filter to limit the changes to the changes a specific staff member has made. 


Example on how to organize the view and use filters

You want to reproduce the changes that have been made by the staff member “Rita Meyer” in the project “Product Brochure” yesterday. To customize the view corresponding to your needs, proceed as follows:

1. Click on the arrow next to the button Go To Date and choose the needed date (here: yesterday) from the drop-down-list.

2. In the Display area, click on all project elements until only the needed button(s) (here: Planning) are highlighted blue and are selected thereby.

3. Define the Project Filter and choose the needed project (here: Product Brochure).

4. For the Contact Filter choose the staff member (here: Rita Meyer).

Now you can see only those changes that have been made yesterday by the selected staff member in the planning of your selected project.

This example illustrates the amount of options that are provided by the project history. You can customize the global project history by using and combining several filters.