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Track the changes of all projects

The project history allows you to chronologically track all changes of all projects you are involved (you need to have reading permission). Every change that is made by the project staff is documented in the global project history after the person has saved and closed the project.

Staff stands for all persons that are mentioned in a project in the area Staff as project manager, team, customer, partner or others. Additionally staff members need the appropriate permissions, to not only being able to read project information, but rather being allowed to change it. (Permissions can be edited in the InLoox options by InLoox admins)

How to open the history

1. Open the InLoox PM or InLoox now tab and click on History. Another option is to select the history from the tree structure on the left side. Therefore click on InLoox PM or InLoox now in the tree structure directly below your Outlook folders and open the section Projects. Now you can select the History.

2. The global project history opens and shows all changes of all projects you are involved.