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Finally, Project Management Software Mac Users Can Get Behind

When it comes to project management software Mac users can get the most value out of, the market has not always been a crowded one. Now, InLoox is bringing its flagship products — including InLoox PM and InLoox now! — to the Mac. Project managers who make frequent use of a Mac finally have a suite of powerful tools to make their projects more effective.

InLoox provides the best Mac project management software anywhere, unifying all scheduling, communication, reporting, and more under one roof. InLoox makes it easier than ever for project managers to anticipate risk, make key changes to the way projects are expected to operate, and keep team members all over the world “in the loop” for upcoming milestones.

Mac Project Management Software Helps You Adapt to a Fast-Paced World

The Macintosh platform has long been preferred by project team members in many of the most creative industries. However, the latest generation of Macintosh hardware is so powerful that it is rapidly appearing in traditionally Windows-focused environments.

You need Mac project management software that will help you accelerate collaboration and make it easy for Mac and PC users to work together. Not only does InLoox work well with Mac, but it can also be deployed on traditional desktops or on Android phones.

If your office is switching to the “bring your own device” model, you need software that you can trust. InLoox’s record of success and extensive experience on Mac and PC makes it the perfect choice to become your on-premise or cloud-based PM solution.

When you adopt InLoox, you’re not giving up on the power of your favorite Microsoft programs. In fact, our software easily integrates into your existing implementation of Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Exchange Server to make them even more powerful collaboration tools.

What Can You Do With Project Management Software for Mac?

InLoox is intended to provide project managers with all the assets they need to deliver fast, cost-effective, high-quality projects. Whether you’re working with experts across the hall or around the world, InLoox is the solution you need to overcome tough project challenges.

With InLoox, you can develop sophisticated project schedules, manage costs and ROI, organize tasks in a focused “Kanban View” that makes it easy for team members to keep moving forward, and much more. InLoox provides the high-level perspective you’ve been looking for.

Plus, InLoox can be used to replace a number of other tools that your enterprise might be paying pricey licensing fees for. With InLoox, you get efficient, effective document management and resource management tools that can quickly take your projects to the next level.

From task management to time tracking, resource allocation to mind mapping, our project management software for Mac is the best on the market. You can even access your project data while you’re traveling using our intuitive, smartphone-friendly application.

Buy Online to Get the Best in Simple, Web-Based Project Software

Large, medium, and smaller enterprises have all had great success with the InLoox Mac project management platform. We believe that you’ll find ways to save money, expedite your timelines, and improve your project deliverables after just a few hours of using InLoox.

Our confidence in InLoox is backed by years of experience combined with world-class support. We’ve worked hard to ensure that you can roll out our products quickly, no matter whether you use Mac, PC, or both. We have on-premise and cloud-based suites to meet your needs.

For Mac project management results that you can count on, try InLoox today. Call or email us to get all of the information you need before you make a purchase, or start your 30-day free trial right from our website. We look forward to helping you achieve project mastery.

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