Project Management Methodology

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Project management methodologies vary, but one thing is certain: Choosing the correct method is a vital component of effective planning. The project management methodology you follow will help ensure that you comprehend and visualize the full scope of your plan. When completing a project or designing a plan, it’s imperative to have a full, comprehensive overview of your budget, goals, timeframe, and necessary steps to reach the project’s end. When selecting from popular project management methodologies, ask yourself if the task is a software-based project or traditional. Also important is determining the intended timeframe for completion. Making alterations or changes to a project after completion may have a negative impact, as this may prove costly. Many find that ensuring a comprehensive plan from the beginning is the most effective strategy for preventing later changes. By choosing the most efficient project management methodology, you can lower the risk of needing to make later changes that may prove expensive.

Project management techniques are fundamental principles in the life cycle of a plan. Understanding project management methods is invaluable for creating, implementing, and evaluating a plan. Traditional methodologies involve several phases, such as initiation or start-up, design and planning, executing the plan, monitoring and controlling the plan, and then closing the project plan. A traditional method breaks down the steps or tasks of a project so that managers may find them simpler or easier to work with. As every project is different in size, scope, budget, and tasks, the methodology used should be tailored or customized for each plan’s needs. Some plans require that several phases are continually updated, modified, or adjusted until the project is complete and goals are met.

The waterfall method of project management is a traditional type of process used in planning. The waterfall method breaks tasks or phases of a project into requirements and specifications that are easier to manage. This method is frequently used in software design and development, especially for large-scale projects. The method derives its name from the steps involved, as the process flows down similar to the movement of a waterfall. The main steps of the waterfall method include business and system requirements, design and construction, testing, delivery, and operations and maintenance.

The critical path method project management model is a strategy used to effectively determine, analyze, and meet the timeframe of any particular project. This method involves determining the earliest and latest dates a project or task may begin or be completed. It also involves determining the tasks that may be completed quickly. With CPM, project managers map out a strategy that ensures that tasks are completed by the projected completion date. CPM consists of early start, early finish, late start, and late finish. By determining these periods, a plan may be devised that ensures plenty of time to reach the project end date.

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