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InLoox Project Management App

The best project management apps facilitate planning, coordination, and communication. With this in mind, we’ve designed our InLoox PM Web App to address all facets of your project creation and completion needs. The hallmarks of our app are intuitiveness and integration. We offer more than just a project management app: We provide you with a way to oversee all stages of project and team members’ work with as little fuss and headache as possible. As one of the best project management app creators on the market, we take pride in helping you keep your project on track.

Our project management Web app is one of the most feature-rich and fully-functional programs on the market intended to be used by managers who want to keep track of a project’s progress. The versatility of the InLoox PM Web App makes it possible for it to be integrated with Microsoft Outlook or to be used as a standalone product. We’ve made it so many of its features fit seamlessly within the Outlook client so you can bring it along wherever business may take you. While not quite as small as our mobile apps, our Web app still provides you with the flexibility of fluid communication between all of your team members.

A fully-formed and feature-rich project list is what’s needed to make any project management app stand out from the rest. The InLoox PM Web App gives you up-to-date information on the status of all of your projects and who is working on them. Moreover, our project management app functions as a hub of ongoing project-related conversation. Use our app to keep dialogue flowing between yourself and other authorized team members on your project.

While many of our competitors’ project management apps may bloat their programs with unnecessary features, we take a proud stance in offering you a user-intuitive interface. Our displays can give you a quick snapshot of the state of your project and what needs to be done without bogging you down with distracting details. This clean, visual overview of important, upcoming tasks is complemented by a list of your available resources to meet your goal or deadline. All of this combined gives you a clear picture of where you stand with your project’s progress. Integration with Microsoft Exchange Server can even tell you who on your team is available to complete tasks, which can help with scheduling and deadline tweaking.

We designed our Web app knowing that the best project management app is one that can function as a go-to source of information. While some facets of our app can be Web-based, the uploading of documents into the app can be one way to bring all of your team members together and put them on the same digital page as each other. Reference materials and reports can all be accessed through our app. Project management apps such as ours keep everyone on a project knowledgeable and capable of completing assigned tasks without having to waste time looking for answers in scattered paper materials.

The learning curve of other project management apps may find you wasting time while you struggle to master its functions and usage. Our Web app was created to save you time. From our project time-tracking feature to contact management functions, we make it simple for you to know just how many minutes or hours you have to devote to each task at hand. Similarly, we give you the ability to log time spent competing work, making billing easy and time management an integral part of using the app.

Don’t delay. Try the best project management app on the market by taking advantage of our no-risk free trial. If you like what our app can do for your business, purchase a license to make your use of the app continuous. Inquire about our group solutions if you’re looking to buy software that can accommodate multiple users or that can facilitate large, collaborative projects. With so many options for software available online, we’re here to show you that the simple solution is often the best!