Tips for Successful Presentations
Your easy guide for creating and delivering effective presentations

by Aaron McCardell

You have been asked to give a presentation at work, or at school or maybe even at a community event. For most people with the exception of ones who give presentations on a regular basis, this could be a very difficult task. You have probably been asked to give this presentation because of your knowledge on the subject either from experience or from research, so that is half the battle. The real challenge is how to present the information in an informative, entertaining and engaging manner.

If you are not totally comfortable with the subject of the presentation (maybe this topic was given to you and not chosen by you), the first step is to research the topic so that you can become familiar with it. The research will be helpful in identifying key points that you will want to convey to your audience. Once you are familiar with the subject, come up with an outline of what your presentation will contain. This could include thinking whether you want to have handouts, if it is a visual presentation or verbal only and whether you will leave time for a question and answer session.

Once you have the framework of your presentation then you need to fill in your information and how you want to present it. But when giving a presentation the most important thing is to relax and present as if you were talking with friends. However, for many people speaking in front of a crowd regardless of size, can be difficult to overcome.

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To help new and experienced presenters give a first rate presentation, we have put together this handy guide which contains a number of useful resources on presentations. The information ranges from research tips, to giving presentations to public speaking advice. We hope this information helps you give a great presentation the next time you are asked. Also, if someone else can use this information, please feel free to pass this along...and good luck!

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