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When choosing marketing project management software, several things must be considered in order to ensure that you select the best product for your needs. A marketing manager’s role is complex, often requiring the person to set objectives, develop and implement plans, and then create a control system to monitor the outcome of the project. Due to the intricacy of the position, project managers are faced with a variety of tasks. They must ensure that a project stays on track and that each objective is met along the way. Additionally, project managers are responsible for organizing schedules, facilitating team members, and making sure that each does their part. In order to complete goals and create deliverables, the best marketing project management software must be selected, implemented, and utilized. Software should be easy to manage and customize, use Gantt charts, be secure, increase project transparency, offer time-tracking entries, help you visualize ideas, and allow you to keep track of financial data.

InLoox tools provide managers with the options needed to perform tasks to the best of their ability. We are leaders in making marketing project management tasks easier by providing simple yet effective resources. Our InLoox PM software easily installs on your local computer or may be accessed online through Web-based applications. The program integrates easily with Microsoft Outlook, making it simple to access. Marketing project management needs vary according to the tasks required; however, some things remain unchanged regardless of the intended deliverable. Marketing project management tools that are required for each project include an easy way to keep track of budgets and other financial data, time management, the duration of the project, and the ultimate goal. Marketing project managers can easily create documents for team members, clients, advertising materials, and more. With InLoox, you can also create Gantt charts to help streamline tasks and visualize project steps.

We provide the best cloud project management service you can buy. InLoox is a trusted, safe, secure, and reliable system that allows users to access projects, documents, plans, and schedules from the Web, mobile applications, or on local computers. Those using workgroups may access InLoox through Microsoft Exchange Server, ensuring even greater flexibility for marketing projects. Our project management cloud-based services help ensure that users may access documents from any environment, at home, at work, or on the go. When considering a software purchase, it is important that you select products that are comprehensive yet simple enough for everyone to use. With InLoox, you never need to worry about learning coding or not having complete access to or control of your documents or marketing plan. InLoox allows users to collect and manage project data, ideas, time schedules, and key information quickly and efficiently.

Mobile access ensures that you can easily retrieve your documents from any place, anytime. Choosing the right software can enhance your productivity and help ensure that you are fully equipped to handle any problem you face. If there is one thing that project managers wish they had more of, it is time. With InLoox, you save time by using tools that ensure that you have all of your documents in one centralized location. You can create projects and plans directly from your Microsoft Outlook inbox, allowing you to use software you already know and trust. Our software ensures that your marketing team stays in the loop and has easy access to important notifications, documents, and schedules. Our quick access increases productivity and saves time, helping you complete your projects according to your schedule.

We are positive you will find that InLoox meets and exceeds your expectations and delivers real-time solutions to issues project managers face. In fact, we are so confident you will find our products to be the best on the market that we are giving away a 30-day, risk-free trial. It is fully functional and will let you see the benefits of our project management software immediately. Create your project and see for yourself just how powerful InLoox PM is.