What is Project Management Software
and How is it Used?

At InLoox, we provide innovative project management software solutions for organizations of all sizes and industries. We have consolidated some of the most common questions about InLoox and project management software in general into this handy guide, serving as an introduction to the concept of project software and how it can help you achieve great things at work.

What is Project Software?

What is project software? Project software helps to accelerate and organize every aspect of your project management process. Dedicated project software stands in for partial solutions such as document management and collaboration software to provide a complete project management toolkit for every stakeholder, from the project manager to every other member of the team.

InLoox project software integrates with existing solutions like Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange Server, and your Web browser, creating a full platform for project management that makes things easier from kickoff to completion. Our project software ties together your tools and hardware, creating a cohesive working environment across desktops and smartphones.

What is Project Management Software Used For?

One of the most common questions we receive is, “What is project management software used for?” InLoox project management software provides you with the resources you need to achieve better results across all of the most common project management challenges. When designing our software, we ensured that it would have value at every step of a project.

Some of the most common uses of InLoox include documentation management and team-wide communication, project planning, tracking, and scheduling, and executive reporting. Thanks to advanced workflow notification and time-tracking assets, it is an ideal solution for a distributed or virtual project team that operates across a very wide geographical area.

Why Use Project Management Software?

Project management software can significantly improve your enterprise’s ability to deliver your projects on time and under budget while avoiding pitfalls such as mission creep. Every aspect of InLoox project management software is underpinned by great collaboration tools, so experts and teams working on different aspects of a project can collaborate clearly in an instant.

Why use project management software? If you are interested in streamlining the planning process, accelerating timelines for key projects, and controlling overall project spending, then you might find project management software useful for you. Using InLoox, you can often eliminate numerous other project management tools while making the PM process easier overall.

How to Use Project Management Software

If you have not yet had the opportunity to take advantage of integrated project management software, you might wonder how to use project management software to achieve the best results possible. InLoox has been developed with a user-friendly interface that allows you to quickly access the tools you will need to continuously drive your projects forward.

When you start using InLoox, you will have the opportunity to enjoy great support combined with clear user documentation and online help. When designing InLoox, we set out to ensure that it will be easy to make use of no matter where you are — either in the office on your desktop or on the road with InLoox access through your smartphone.

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At InLoox, we understand that it isn’t always easy to choose an enterprise solution. We want to help you make an informed decision that will provide you with the greatest return on your investment. Plus, we are always standing by to help you purchase and implement InLoox in the most efficient and effective way throughout your enterprise, whether it is local or global.

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