What are Project Management Tools

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Project management is an area that stretches across a wide array of professional fields. Knowing how to initiate, plan, test, and close a project helps ensure that businesses successfully complete their goals and objectives. There are different project management methods and tools that may be used to complete tasks. But what are project management tools? The management tools you select will help you save time, energy, and money when working on various assignments. While every project is different, you will find that there are certain tools that can be useful regardless of the objectives at hand.

The Importance of Planning

Projects vary in size, structure, and design. Some projects are large, while others are small. Regardless of their differences, all projects require planning in order to succeed. Project management consists of four steps. These include the initiation phase, planning phase, execution, and delivery phase. The initiation phase is the time when a problem or objective is recognized and then scrutinized for possible solutions. This could be considered as the brainstorming phase, as it allows the project manager to look at all viable options that may be used to solve the problem. Often, projects aim to produce a tangible outcome or deliverable. The initiation phase is when project managers brainstorm possible strategies to reach their objectives and produce deliverables. Once the method is selected, the project phase shifts from initiation to planning.

Planning is the most important aspect of the project phase. During this time, the project manager will map out the path used to complete objectives. This includes creating schedules, assigning roles to team members, determining a budget strategy, and creating documents that are maintained or updated throughout the project life cycle. Here at InLoox, we offer various task management solutions that ensure that project managers complete the planning portion of their tasks in a time-saving manner. We offer the best Web-based software for this purpose — it’s simple to use and easy to access. InLoox PM is available on a variety of platforms and may be accessed online through browsers or mobile apps. We also have InLoox PM software that installs on your local computer and integrates with Microsoft Outlook. Because many professionals use Microsoft Outlook and utilities such as Microsoft Exchange Server on a daily basis, our programs are easy to learn and use. InLoox PM provides the tools needed to ensure that your project goes through the initiation and planning phase in a comprehensive and effective manner. Our tools allow you to create budgets, keep track of financial information such as labor, equipment, or costs of other materials used, and compare financial data such as the projected costs compared to actual funds spent during the project. Keeping track of the amount spent to buy supplies is imperative to remaining on track and meeting goals. Our software allows users to easily keep track of every purchase made and ensure that they remain within budget.

Execution and Closure

After the project initiation and planning phases are complete, it is time to execute the project plan and then bring the project to closure by producing deliverables. After a project has been designed, it needs to be executed, tested, and tweaked to the client’s satisfaction. During this phase, the project becomes a tangible deliverable and then undergoes monitoring and controls to ensure that it is complete. Proper planning helps ensure that when deliverables are created, the team won’t need to rework the original plan or make additional changes at a later date. An effective plan ensures that deliverables are created according to the correct design or format specified by the customer. The monitor and control stage includes comprehensive overviews of processes used to create the end product. These include time management, cost management, change management, and quality management. Also needed are risk assessment and project acceptance management. Team members must remain in continuous communication to ensure that the project is moving along as scheduled and according to the original plan or project scope. Once the execution phase of the project is complete and the project has passed through phase reviews, it is time to present the deliverable to the client. Once the client accepts the project, the project is formally closed.

What are project management tools? They’re a life-saver. With InLoox PM, you can ensure that you have the tools needed to bring your project from the initiation stage to customer acceptance and closure. Our tools enable you to track projects in real time and provide efficient documentation options that are accessible from your Outlook inbox. Project management requires a vast amount of documentation, and our software ensures that you can create, manage, store, and share documents in a safe, secure, and trusted manner. Our Web and mobile applications ensure that team members can readily access vital documents from anywhere a device is located. We’re offering a 30-day, fully functional risk-free trial for those who would like to experience the management tools InLoox PM provides. Check out our products and begin using InLoox PM for your project management needs today.