What is a Human Resource Management
and What Does a Human Resource Manager Do?

Human resource managers are vital to the well-being of a company. They manage employee relations, handle recruitment, and deal with simple day-to-day issues between staff members. There are a few different branches of human resources, including international and strategic management. At InLoox, we offer outstanding project management software perfect for human resource managers who need to organize their documents and prioritize company tasks.

What is Human Resource Management?

The purpose of the human resources department within a company is to carry out the rules and guidelines of the business and to provide support to employees. For those wondering how to become a human resource manager, the process is not too complicated. A bachelor’s degree in business administration or human resources is usually required. Interested candidates with a bachelor’s degree in a related field can fill the requirements by taking a number of classes in human resources-related subjects.

What Does a Human Resource Manager Do?

What is human resource management responsible for in day-to-day operations? HR managers work to supervise employee relations and attract qualified employees to the company. A human resource manager is responsible for recruiting, retaining, and evaluating the employees of a company. They are concerned with employee relations and aim to make the workplace run as smoothly as possible. They also deal with day-to-day issues like safety, compensation, stock purchase plans, employee performance, communication, and training. Human resource managers are found in a variety of industries, such as manufacturing, company management, health care, and scientific services. They are often required to travel in order to meet potential employees.

What is International Human Resource Management?

International human resource management focuses on achieving international goals for a company. This can include finding, interviewing, and hiring new employees from overseas or evaluating the existing guidelines for international company policy. Human resource managers at this level are concerned with both domestic and international employees and may be responsible for preparing staff to work in another country. It is beneficial for international human resource managers to speak at least one additional language.

What is Strategic Human Resource Management?

Strategic human resource managers are responsible for identifying future human resources goals for the company. This includes a focus on employee retention and overall happiness. Strategic managers may also work on new ways to select and recruit employees and concentrate on ways to maximize the potential of each employee. This ensures that employees are used as efficiently as possible.

Why is Human Resource Management Important?

Human resource managers are important to companies because they make sure employees are performing at the top of their game. They recruit new talent, maintain a pleasant work environment, and help employees handle personal disputes and other issues. They are also a vital part of establishing good public relations for the company through business meetings and gatherings. Often, the human resource manager will help with marketing efforts for the workplace.

How Much Does a Human Resource Manager Make?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for a human resource manager in 2012 was $99,720. The top 10% earned more than $173,140, while the lowest 10% made less than $59,020. The highest-paying job category was company/enterprise management. Most human resource managers work full-time, and the field is expected to grow on par with the national average throughout the next decade.

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