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Add contacts to the quick access panel for contacts

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In InLoox PM, you can link Outlook contacts with the respective projects. So, you can see in the Outlook address book the role assumed by a certain contact - whether he or she is a project director, team member, customer or partner.


This is how you can use the quick access panel for contacts:

  1. Open a contact 
    • from your Outlook contact list
    • from InLoox PM contact list. To open it click first InLoox PM tab, then Contacts, in the Views group.
  2. Now you see a list of all projects this contact is assigned to.

The standard grouping depends on the contact's role in the project.

For a detailed description of the InLoox PM items on the quick access panel, see Quick access panels for tasks and calendar, in the InLoox PM items in the Outlook task list / the Outlook calendar section.