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Register a new customer and edit customer information

You are here: InLoox Support Knowledge Base Online Help InLoox for Outlook 8.0 Online Help InLoox PM 8 Basic project information Create and manage a customer

The InLoox PM options support you with a central customer management. Create a new customer system-wide in the InLoox PM options as well as in the project directly.

To manage customers, do the following:

  1. Open the dialog box InLoox PM Options.
    For more information on how to open the InLoox PM options, please see Open the InLoox PM options.
  2. Under General options click Customer and then Customers. On the right side you see the Customers area:


  3. Do one of the following:
    • Insert a new customer in InLoox PM by clicking New. In the New customer dialog box enter a name in the Name field. InLoox PM automatically assigns a number to the new customer.
      For more information on how to change a customer number format, see Adjust the customer number.
    • Change the name of an existing customer. Choose the respective customer from the list and click Edit.
    • Remove a customer from InLoox PM by clicking Delete.

       Use the filter feature to quickly reach the needed data from each column. For more information, see Search and filter in a project.

  4. Click OK or Apply to save the changes in IInLoox PM.

Effects of editing or deleting a customer: