Customize time tracking views

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The time tracking view within a specific project provides an overview over all time tracking entries of the project. Whereas the time tracking overview over all projects displays all time tracking entries of all projects. Both views can be individually customized regarding your personal needs.


Analytical filter

The analytical filter provides advanced options to easily find information and structure the time tracking view. To open the analytical filter click on …

  • … Filter on the Start tab. (time tracking overview over all projects)
  • … Edit Filter on the View tab. (time tracking view within a project)

Analytical Filter Editor using different operators and conditions

Customize columns in the table view

In the time tracking views you can add various additional information by adding more column headings.

  1. To add new column headings, either right-click and choose Select fields, 

    Rightclick - Select Fields

     or navigate to Select Fields in the View tab.

    Icon "Select Fields" in View tab

  2. A new dialog box that displays all available fields will open.

    Select Fields - all available columns

    If you want to add one of the fields to your list, drag it to your preferred location in the list. Two arrows indicate the position of the new column. 

    Select Fields - Add new column

  3. To delete a column heading from the list, drag the field back into the dialog box or into the empty area below the list.


Group feature

  1. To group time tracking entries by a specific column, drag a column header into the field directly above the column headers. In this example, we group by the person who performed the task/time entry. 

    Group feature

  2. By clicking on the arrow next to the group criteria, you can change the order from ascending to descending or the other way round.
  3. Here you can use an additional filter option: Move the cursor over the group criteria. A filter icon appears in the right corner. Click on that icon to further limit the criteria, e.g. by certain values or date ranges.

    Limit criteria of group feature


Sort time tracking entries

You have the possibility to sort time tracking entries by column headings:

  1. Click on the column heading.
  2. Then click again to change the sorting order.