Selected allocation features

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  • Add Resource – Add a new resource, e.g. from the global address book or the InLoox address book.
  • All Projects – Allows you to view the workload of all projects.
  • Only this Project – Allows you to see only the workload of the currently open project.
  • Re-Assign Task – If you see that a resource is over-allocated, you can relieve them by re-assigning the task to someone in the team who still has free capacities.
  • Exchange Calendar – this feature is currently not yet available and will be provided in a future iteration.
  • Date Range, Zoom In and Zoom Out – Decide for which time range you want to see the workload (hours, days, weeks, months, quarters, years). The view of the resources and workload chart changes depending on the date range.
  • Print Overview and Workload – Print the current view of the resources overview or the workload chart. 
  • Refresh – Click on refresh to apply all changes and to update the view. 
  • Expand all / Collapse all – Here you have the possibility to show or hide the divisions and teams in their entirety, so that either all individual divisions/teams with their respective resources are displayed, or only the highest superordinate division.
  • Show Labels – You can decide whether you want to show or hide the percentage of the workload next to the bars in the overview.
  • Completed Items – You can show or hide tasks that have been marked as “Done”. By showing the completed tasks you will get an overview of the complete workload. If you just want to see the current and future workload, then hide the completed items.
  • Divisions and Teams – You can show or hide the Divisions and Teams side panel. The side panel displays all departments in your organizations and the resources who work in the individual departments. You can also create individual cross-department project teams.

Please note It is not possible to create new departments (Divisions) in the workload overview. You can create, edit and delete departments in the InLoox settings, if you have the necessary administrator rights. You can also allocate resources to departments.