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To provide additional information, you can use the comment function. The comment function is available in two different locations:

  • On the Manage page, you can enter general comments about the project itself.
  • In the task you can add comments that are directly related to the task.


Adding comments to a task

To add comments such as status updates to a task, double-click on the task within the Gantt chart or Kanban board so that the editing panel opens on the right.

Click on the Comments tab and enter the desired text.

Customize the font, color, size, etc., of your comment. All formatting commands can be found on the Format tab.

  • Hyperlink: Create a link to a file, web page or image. Select the relevant part of the note and click the Hyperlink button. In the new dialog box, select the desired file in the Address area and click Open and Ok.
  • Icon: Select a symbol that is not on the keyboard or is a special character.
  • Image: Go to the folder where the desired image is stored, select the image and click Open. Adjust the size of the image.

Tip Mention your project members directly in the comment by typing the @ sign and then selecting the desired resource from the drop-down list. Alternatively, you can enter the resource in the Notify field.

To submit the comment, click Post Comment. The comment is then displayed in the field below.