How can I login in the InLoox Web App when I´m using an Office 365 account?

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How can I log on to InLoox Web App if I have an Office 365 account?


IMPORTANT The following information applies to the locally installed version InLoox PM, as well as the cloud-based solution InLoox now!.
There are various ways to log on to the InLoox Outlook Client and InLoox Web App:

If you use an Office 365 account in Outlook and log on to InLoox with “Outlook Login”, you won’t be able to use the login to log on to InLoox Web App. InLoox 9.0.9 offers you another authentication method to log on to InLoox Web App with an Office 365 account: You can add an additional InLoox authentication to your Office 365 user account. You can then use this authentication to log on to InLoox Web App. This enables you to use the same Office 365 user account for InLoox for Outlook and InLoox Web App.

Follow these steps to set up the authentication.

IMPORTANT For this method to work properly, you will need InLoox version 9.0.10 or higher for the Outlook client as well as InLoox Web App. If you’re using InLoox now! then InLoox Web App will automatically be up-to-date and you only need to check the current version of your Outlook client.

  1. Navigate to the InLoox Options: File >> InLoox Options
  2. Go to Permissions
  3. Choose the Office 365 user from the list User-based permissions. You can also create a new user account if it does not exist yet:
    1. Click on New
    2. Open the context menu and select Exchange User

    3. Select your Office 365 contact from your global address book, then close the address book with OK
  4. Now select InLoox PM authentication in the permissions dialog and set a password

  5. Click on OK to confirm
  6. Click on OK to save and close the InLoox Options
  7. Now you can log on to InLoox Web App with your email address and the assigned password.

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