Upgrade InLoox 6.x to InLoox PM 7.x

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Information: You need a correct license key to use InLoox PM 7.

To upgrade from an existing InLoox 6.x database to an InLoox PM 7.x database, proceed as follows.

  1.  Backup your current database.
  2.  Start the InLoox PM 7 setup and choose "Publish or update InLoox PM database".
  3.  Enter your InLoox PM 7 license key.
  4.  Accept the license agreement.
  5.  Choose "Update existing InLoox database".
  6.  Enter your database connection parameters. (Use the same credentials you have used when creating the database, to ensure that new tables are created with the same user. With Microsoft SQL Server the 'sa' user is recommended.)
  7.  The setup is performing the upgrade automatically.
  8.  Proceed with the client installation.

Important! If you have existing InLoox reports, please open them after the upgrade.

The report management can be found in the options menu. Options -> Reports -> Templates.

When opening an old report, a message appears, telling you that the report was created with an old version of the report designer. Confirm the dialog with OK and save the report.