Automatic update

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As of InLoox 11.0, your InLoox account and all its apps is updated automatically. This ensures that you always work with the latest InLoox version.

You are notified after an update has been released. Simply follow these instructions:

  1. On your PC or laptop, click the notifications icon in the Windows navigation bar on the far right.
  2. In the InLoox update notification, click Download to download the current update file.
  3. Once the update is ready for installation, click Install now.
  4. To run the installation, Outlook as well as InLoox for Windows must be closed. Once the applications are closed, the setup will detect this. Click on Start installation.
  5. The update process will now start. This may take a few minutes. As soon as the update has been completed, you receive a success message. Click on Finish.
  6. You can now start and use InLoox for Windows and InLoox for Outlook again as usual.

InLoox Web App aktualisiert sich ohne Ihr Zutun.

Deactivate automatic updates

InLoox 11 has an automatic update mechanism that always holds the latest version. With the following registry key you can deactivate the automatic updates for a specific client (true: deactivated).



Tip: How do I find out about an update if Automatic Updates has been deactivated?

You can always find the current InLoox version with version number and release date on our website under Support >> Product Download.

In addition, minor releases are announced in our product newsletters. Sign up for the InLoox newsletter to receive them.

The release cycles of InLoox is very short. If your organization has generally disabled software update notifications on employee PCs and laptops, there are some free browser extensions that register changes on web pages at regular intervals and inform you about them, e.g. via e-mail. This gives you the opportunity to track changes on the InLoox product download website, for example.