Filter, group and sort documents

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You have a number of options for customizing your document list and displaying exactly the information you need.

The following functions will help you:

  • Group documents
  • Filter documents
  • Sort documents


Group documents

To make a grouping of the documents, proceed as follows:

1. You must first activate the advanced mode. To do this, click on the button with the three vertical dots at the top right and activate the "Advanced mode" slider.

2. Now show the columns that are relevant for you/the grouping (e.g. file name, size, status (document), changed on, changed by, ...).

To do this, click again on the button with the three vertical dots in the top right-hand corner and then on Choose columns. Now drag the desired column from the column chooser to the desired position in the list. Then close the column selection menu again.

Tip You can find an overview of all available columns here.

3. Grouping: Now use the mouse to drag the column by which you want to group the entries into the area above the table.

Neuerungen im Dokumentenbereich von InLoox Web App

Info You can also group by several columns. Simply drag additional columns into the area above the column name.


Filter documents

You can use filters to display only the documents that are relevant to you:

1. Click on the filter symbol directly to the right of the column name for which you want to set a filter.

2. Select the filter criterion.

Example: Select a person in the filter for the "Changed by" column to see only those documents for which a specific person has made changes.


Sort documents

You can sort the documents by clicking on the columns at the top to change the displayed order. For example:

  • Click on File name, the files will be displayed sorted A-Z or Z-A.
  • If you click Changed On, the files will be sorted in ascending or descending order by date modified.
  • If you click Created By, the files are displayed sorted by person.

Filter and sort documents