Creating New Contacts and Inviting Team Members

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You can create contact profiles for people who do not have access to your InLoox Web App account, such as your clients, service providers or freelancers. If you have purchased several InLoox Web App licenses, however, you can invite team members and work colleages to collaborate with you on your InLoox Web App account.

New Contacts - No Access to InLoox Web App

In order to create new contact profiles, click on People and there on . The New Contact window opens, where you can add all necessary details like phone number, mail address or website. 

Inviting Team Members and Work Colleagues

Top Bar

If you have purchased several user licenses, and have administrator permissions, you can invite others to your InLoox Web App account. 

Click on Invite people to InLoox Web App in the Top Bar, enter the email address of the person you want to invite, select English or German as the email’s language and click on  . The invited user receives an invitation email with a link to your account. The person choses a password and can then access your InLoox Web App account and you can work together.

TIPTo make sure that new users can start working with InLoox Web App right away, you need to assign them certain permissions. To do that, go to Options-Permissions-User Based, click on the arrow next to a user and click Select All. Now, the newly invited person has all the necessary permissions to access every area of InLoox Web App. This is especially important during the initial testing-phase, when you want to fully experience all the collaborative features InLoox Web App offers.