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Arrange tasks

You can arrange the task cards on the Kanban board by different criteria. Click in the ribbon on the Edit tab on Arrange By and select the criterion by which you want to arrange the tasks. This arrangement is only visible to you, not project-wide or system-wide.


If you arrange the tasks by due date, you have an overview of which tasks are due first.


You can assign an individual color to each task which overwrites the color of the task status. This helps you to highlight individual tasks and to mark specific tasks that are important to you. Again, the coloring of the tasks is only visible to yourself and not to other users on the same project platform.

Click on the task that you want to highlight. Then click in the ribbon on the Edit tab on Color and select a color.

Task color

Show details

To keep an overview of all the tasks on your Kanban board, you can collapse them.

Click on the View tab in the Ribbon on the Show Details button. With this command, you can collapse and expand the task cards.

You can also collapse and expand single tasks by clicking on the blue arrow in the right upper corner of the task card.

Expand task


You can use the full-text filter to select specific tasks. You can e.g. filter by the name of a resource to display only the tasks that this person is responsible for or you can filter by a certain keyword.

Task filter

Click in the ribbon on the View tab on the Filter button and enter the keyword in the text field by which you want to filter the tasks.

Delete filter