Create and edit groups in InLoox 9

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Groups are a good way to sort tasks and budget items into specific categories with pre-defined purchasing and sales prices. This enables you to keep an overview of your expenses and revenues across different groups, i.e. types of work or services (see Budget Overview). It’s important to create distinct groups that cover distinct activities, such as Production, Design, Maintenance, or Consulting.

The automatically created budgets Expenses (Plan, Resources) and Expenses (Actual, Time Tracking) use the purchase and sales prices specified for each group to bill a task.

You can add, edit and delete groups in the InLoox Options. To get there navigate to the InLoox Options >> General Options >> Groups

How to create, edit and delete Groups in InLoox Options

Creating a new group

To create a new group, take the following steps:

  1. Go to InLoox Options and navigate to General Options >> Groups
  2. Click on New and an edit window will open

    Add a new group in InLoox Options

  3. Edit the group information
    • Name - Give your group a clearly distinguishable name. This will make it easier to assign your budget items to the right group.
    • Purchase and Sales price – Define the standard purchase and sales price for the group
  4. ClickOKto confirm


Important Effects of creating, editing or deleting a group, or changing the currency: