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InLoox PM 8 provides you with the flexible project work. You can create different types of the project planning. One of them is to create the list of the work packages. After you can add the work packages into the Gantt chart and have in this way the scheduled events. You can have your work packages only as a to-do list, without integrating them to the Gantt chart. You can combine both versions of the planning.

  1. In the project, on the Start tab, in the Section group, click Work Packages.
  2. In the Start tab, in the Section group click New to create a new work package.
    On the right side you can the side panel for editing.
    • General information on the work package in the Basic Information area
      1. In the Name box type a name for the work package.
      2. In the Description box enter some important information, e.g. the targeted deliverables or internal remarks.

         InLoox PM provides you with a range of formatting features. For the detailed description, see Create and change comments in the Customize comments section.

    • Additional Information to the work package from the mind map or planning
      This area displays the information whether the work package is added from the mind map or it is added to the planning activity. The information is linked. Click on it to open the corresponding page. As soon as you have added the work package to the Gantt chart on the Planning page, an additional Planning area will be displayed on the right sidepanel of the Work Packages Page.
      1. Click the linked name of the work package to open the planning.
      2. In this area you can see now the start and end time.

         The work package overtakes the date of the planning item. To which it was added. If the work package is a planning item, the date will be overtaken from the item above.

      3. The workload of the work package is also displayed. It can be changed with the changing of the duration of the planning element.
    • Budgeting of the work package
      1. In the Group dropdown menu choose a group to which the work package belongs. It defines the costs for the activity.

        Each group has an internal price per hour. You can change this price/group or add a new one via the InLoox PM options. For more information, see Generate and edit groups.

      2. The Is asset billable check box is selected automatically to include the resource costs of this work package to the expenses (plan, resources).
      3. Select the Individual check box and set an individual hourly rate for the work package. Type the respective values in the Purchase price and in the Selling price field.
    • Adding documents
      1. Click New link... to add the document.
      2. In the Select Entry dialog box select one document from the list and click OK.

        All displayed documents in the dialog box are saved on the Documents page. For more information on how to add the document to the project, see Create and edit a document.

      3. The added document is displayed in the Document area on the side panel. Click it to open this document. Click Delete symbol to remove it.
    • Sending a notification to a resource

      All added resources receive automaticallly notifications about new, edit or deleted work packages.
       In the area Notifications, you can inform other resources,e.g. project planner, about assigned work packages and about the changes in them.

      • Click the command to add resources.
      • In the Select Conact dialog box click on the name and then click Select and OK.
      • The notification will be send on the selected resource as an email, when sie save and close the project.

        The email notification set by default. The message contains the following planning data:

        • The name of the work package
        • Project name and number (in the subject)
        • Description
        • Personal duration.

           For more information on how to edit the notification type, see Customize a notification template.

    • Adding a note to a work package
      1. Select a work package from the work package list.
      2. Click the symbole Full Screen Mode in the top left.
      3. In the text area type your notes below the main information to the work package.
      4. You can also send a notification dierctly from the work package. User a quick selection to add project responsibles.
        To learn more about adding the responsible persons to the project, see Add project team members.

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