The new feature highlights in InLoox PM 8

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Dashboards at a whole new level

Create custom-tailored Dashboards, choosing from different diagram options and data sources. This way, you always have an overview of key figures, data and target values that are essential to your projects’ success – clearly structured and real-time up-to-date. 

Work packages & team tasks

Create, assign and organize team tasks in work packages without having to create a timed project plan. Simply leave a comment to share important, work-package related details. 

If time planning becomes necessary, you can easily add work packages to an activity via Drag’n’Drop. Enable the auto notification mode and be informed of all changes to your work packages. 

Agile project management with Kanban

Agile teams can now organize themselves with a customizable Kanban view. Change the status and the assignment of a task simply via Drag’n’Drop. All team members see at a glance which tasks are pending, which ones are currently in progress and which ones are already done.